Yankee Air Museum “B-52: Three Generations” (2017)

37th Annual Telly Awards Bronze Winner

The Yankee Air Museum

Narrated by Jonathan Frakes

Written and Directed by Michael B. Chait

Produced by Michael B. Chait and Bob Catalano

Narration Written by Michael B. Chait, Dianne L. Chait, Kevin Walsh

Executive Producer – Kevin Walsh

Director of Photography – Westley Gathright

Edited by Adrianna Merlucci

Co-Executive Producer – Steven M. Chait

Co-Executive Producer – Dianne L. Chait

Music by Adrian L. Hernandez

Sound Design by Shannon Reddy

Co-Producer – Matthew T. Stratton

Co-Producer – Kara Joy Reed

Co-Producer – Andre LaRoche

Co-Producer – Rob Kohn

Co-Producer – Brandon Franklin Ottenbacher

Co-Producer – Sue Witham

Armorer / Special Effects by Matthew T. Stratton

Assistant Armorer – Joe O’Brien

Camera Crane Operator – Patrick Smith

Visual Effecs by Anthony Ricciardi

Color Correction Post Services provided by Company 3 Chicago

Colorist – Tyler Roth

Assistant Colorist – Paul Galati

Assistant Colorist – Parker Jarvie

Company 3 Producer – Tara Reeves

Vietnam Veterans – Staff Sergeant Nick Consiglio, Staff Sergeant Robert E. Bailey, Sergeant Joseph E. Provost

Lead Vietnam Soldier – David Pesce

Machine Gun Vietnam Soldier – Andrae Todd James Bicy

Wounded Vietnam Soldier – Nathan Mooney

Lead Gulf War Soldier – Tyler Rich

Wounded Gulf War Soldier – Scott Schultz

Scared Gulf War Soldier – Brandon Franklin Ottenbacher

Lead Present Day Soldier – Kara Joy Reed – Bookings: (313) 728-6457 Bennie@JonTomus.com

Scared Present Day Soldier – Drew Parks

Sniper Present Day Soldier – Nathan Mooney

1st Assistant Camera – Joseph Skipinski

Gaffer – Andrew Phillips

Production Assistant – Elliot Van Orman

Production Assistant – Kyleen Andrews

Helicopter Pilot – David James


Executive Director – Kevin Walsh

Curator – Julie Osborne

B-52 Project Manager / Special Projects – Bob Catalano

Special Projects Assistant – Dave Barnhart

Special Projects Assistant – John Yates

Artifacts / Textiles – Merv Wygant

Crew Chief – Staff Sergeant Nick Consiglio

Crew Chief – Staff Sergeant Robert E. Bailey

Crew Chief – Sergeant Joseph E. Provost

Voice-Over Recording provided by Formosa Interactive

Voice-Over Co-Producer – Vince Chavez

Camera Crane provided by Cinemotion, Inc.

RED Epic Dragon Camera Package provided by Stratton Camera Inc.

Anamorphic Lenses provided by Panavision

Lighting Equipment provided by Stage 3 Productions, Inc.

Additional Lighting Equipment provided by Detroit Power & Light

Additional Wardrobe provided by Joe’s Army Navy

Production Company – TMU Pictures LLC